1. BiGuy97015
    ** Nothing turns me on more than sucking a big, thick cock and taking it down to the balls
    ** Every time it disappears inch-by-inch down my throat I can feel it growing and getting harder, the veins bulging more and more making your cock fill MY THROAT
    ** Soon your balls start to swell and I can begin tasting that delicious pre-cum leaking from your cock.
    ** After awhile you begin moaning and moving around until you tense-up and I taste your warm load in my mouth.
    ** I then deep throat your cock again -- shoving your cum down my throat every time I plunge down the entire length of your cock.

    What turns YOU on about sucking and deep throating cock?
  2. cbj4162
    you said it well, i would add the wonderful feeling of soft delicious cockhead in my lips, working and milking it nicely......
  3. Kink-in-LA
    having him kick back as I try to deep throat….feeling his hot balls in my hands…kneeling before him…being slutty for him...
  4. NewHusband
    love the feeling of the load hitting the back of my throat
  5. bidavid1965
    I love Deep Throating cock...I luv to take a dick when it is soft and feeling it grow hard in my mouth taking more and more of it until his balls are on my chin.
  6. RobnMO
    I love feeling his head pulsing between my lips while he is pumping sperm in my mouth.
    After he unloads almost all his cum in me, I take him deep- to the balls- and shove his cum down my throat.
    I keep his cock deep in my throat feeling it pumping the rest of his cum straight down my throat.
    a pulsing cock = a sperm-pumping cock.
  7. BiGuy97015
    Wow -- great points. I especially like deep throating cock and sticking my tongue out and licking the balls so I can take the cock as deep as possible. Anyone want to share their best deep throat pictures?
  8. CarlBone
    Taking a guy who has a good 9" + all the way gets me so hot. The feeling as I get the last inch past my lips is outstanding. And when he cums, making me almost drown, there's no better feeling
  9. bidavid1965
    Sure have enjoyed reading everybodys thoughts on Deep Throating.Makes me wish I was naked locked up in a room with you guys LOL!
  10. ohbimale
    I too love sucking cock. I love having a guy's throbbing hard cock between my lips and his sperm erupting into my mouth. I especially like the taste of sperm and swallow every drop. I like to lick the shaft of a cock clean after he has shot his load of cum into my mouth. I can make guys toes curl with every blow job.
  11. Tunnelstar
    I was 11 years old when I was turned on to M2M sex. He taught me how to deep throat his cock and I loved it. I knew when his cock expanded and I was ready for the reward as he pump his juices into my mouth. I loved the taste and swallowed every last drop of his nectar. I since went straight for many years but never forgot that wonderful feeling. I now want to suck another cock and swallow every drop again.
  12. BiGuy97015
    You're all so hot. How can we trade post/trade our favorite deep throat pics and videos for everyone to enjoy?
  13. DareMe
    how do you not gag? I would really like to know.
  14. BiBIKER065
    Man, these blogs got me hot and hard and horny, would like a cock or 2 right now
  15. sterculius
    Sucking cock is the only thing I do sexually with other men, but I've been doing it ever since I began giving blowjobs to my best friend Larry when we were both teenagers. He had an exceptionally BIG cock!! The biggest cock I have ever sucked to date, over 9 inches long and very thick, but eventually I was able to deep throat him completely!! I LOVED the full sensation in my throat even though I was unable to breathe when his cock was all the way down, blocking my airway. But what I especially liked was being very aggressively throat fucked!! I loved it when he would hold onto my head and force his thick cock into my throat and pump my head up and down on his cock until he came! On more than one occasion, I came in my pants just from being throatfucked like this. I LOVED it!! I still do! Does anyone else share my obsessive need to be throatfucked?
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